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Top Five FAQs About Cross Border Tax Matters.

  Photo by Bimal Ranabhat: For some reason or the other, Nepal has been calling all year.  Nepal is a small country that nestles in the foothills of the Himalayas and is almost entirely surrounded by India on three sides of its borders. This enigmatic country  is on my bucket list  for its  rich history and obvious majestic views of the mountains.  It all started with a meeting early this year with an U.S. Citizen expat client who has familial ties and has moved to Nepal for a few years and they want to invest \ with a Nepali citizen in a business. They had been looking for a tax professional to work with who was familiar with cross border operations and had been searching high and low.  When they came to see me, I realized I mostly get the same set of questions from prospective clients looking for assistance filing their cross border taxes.  I would like to share the  Top Five Questions your tax professional should be

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