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Social Security Benefits For a Non-US Citizen Outside The United States

Photo by Enrico Perini: Almost all employees in the United States, with very few exceptions, pay FICA and Medicare taxes. These are payroll taxes in addition to their federal and state income tax withholdings, health insurance contributions, and other deductions. No wonder then the most Frequently Asked Question is: "Can I and how can I recoup the FICA and Medicare contributions?".  Let us step back and look at some scenarios: If one is in the United States on a non-immigrant visa and does not plan to settle here, the payroll tax contribution feels like a significant chunk of money. Some non-immigrant visas contain a clause where the employers may not deduct FICA and Medicare taxes, for example, someone on a Student Visa or the F-1, but for other non-immigrant work visas such as H-1Bs or L-1s, etc., payroll tax withholdings are mandatory.  Naturally, those on non-immigrant work visas who may not wish to settle in th

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