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What, Why, When, And Who Needs Form W-8 BEN?

  Pic Courtesy: pexels-céline-7325997 I thought I would start off this post with how I started writing my blog and posting it on Twitter back in 2013. It is funny though isn't it, making this a "Back In The Day" post about Social Media, considering how quickly everything changes on Social Media? You see tax veterans jostling for space with not-veterans disbursing minuscule sound bytes of tax knowledge on popular platforms. I admit, I too have jumped on that wagon. I want to make sure I am one of the voices who talk about the right way of doing things without sensationalizing tax issues.  Why are we talking about this? Lately, I have had individuals contact me asking about a US payor withholding 30% tax before disbursing their payments and what they could do to mitigate the withholding. On a closer look, we found that the payors DID NOT need to withhold 30% tax, but guess where they got their advice from? We will come back to that later.  But first we will addre

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